Studio Nate 2018 – A Reflection

It’s been an exciting year with the launching of Studio Nate on Etsy. Beginning in November with a successful art and craft sale, Nate and I decided we needed to get online with products and start working toward creating more artistic pieces. For me, it’s more of a hobby to create pieces, but I love writing and engaging online. And with Nate’s talent and amazing eye for acrylic on canvas, our vision is coming together. For this, the first day of the new year, I wanted to share some of the canvases Nate and I have previously sold or gifted. Current art for sale and custom orders are available and can be discussed and purchased through our Etsy site by clicking here.

Wishing you all a happy and creative new year!

~Emily & Nate, Studio Nate

© Emily Flanner and Nate Flanner, Studio Nate 2018


4 thoughts on “Studio Nate 2018 – A Reflection

  1. Love this art!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Connie Underhill January 7, 2019 — 10:15 am

    Now have three of your originals. Love them!!!


    1. Thank you so much!! We are having so much fun creating them and so glad you’re enjoying yours! ❤😊


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