Wizard Acrylic on Canvas – A Commissioned Piece

Today we are talking to my hubby, Nate, about creating a custom art piece. With this canvas, I spent a lot of time photographing and taking short videos of Nate’s process to share. Since I had a ton of questions along the way, I decided to give him an interview about the process so everyone can see inside creating the Wizard and get to know Nate a little better. Here we go!

When did you get started painting?

Painting the eyes

When I was 14 I took an art class in school.

What is it you like about Acrylic paints?

I like the texture. I’ve only ever painted with water color and acrylic, but I like using the acrylic best. Also I like that it’s glossy, I like it’s versatility and that you can create different textures using acrylic paint.

How did you choose this design?

This is a commissioned piece and the person who wanted it specified they wanted a wizard smoking a pipe with a specific tattoo. In my experience, I’ve found it a lot easier to use a picture as a reference or starting point, so I found a sample wizard picture online and used that as a base to start my picture. Allowing the sleeve to drop, I was able to add the tattoo to finish up this custom piece.

Painting the tattoo

How long did it take you?

16 hours over the course of 5 days.

Have you ever painted a portrait before?

No, I have not painted a portrait before. I have only drawn them before. Proportion is the most important aspect of drawing an accurate portrait so I drew out the wizard face before I painted and had to make adjustments while I was painting it to be sure his face was proportional to his body and the rest of his head.

With the finished piece

Do you have any art currently for sale? Where can we find more of your pieces?

Yes I do, my currently available pieces are at my Etsy Shop, Studio Nate. If anyone is interested in a custom piece, they can contact me through Etsy to discuss it further.

Β© Emily Flanner and Nate Flanner, Studio Nate 2018


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