My Dad Drives a Dodge Ram Truck

DodgeTruck18 3to2 Ratio COPYRIGHT
Dodge Ram Truck Grill

Running Errands with Dad

Revving diesel engine barreling down old two lane highways

Warmth of the cabin drifting us off into a safe deep doze

Unsure of our destination simply enjoying the ride

Halted waking eyes opening but only briefly

Keep sleeping Dad will be right back

A cat nap of time goes by

He’s back

I smile

-Emily Flanner


Ever since I was a kid, my dad has driven a Dodge Ram Truck of one kind or another. When my sister and I would run errands with him in the cold Michigan winter, he would always have the heat cranked up so warm to keep us toasty. And it always put us to sleep as we drove across town to do this or that. I always loved falling asleep in the cab of his big work trucks, knowing that when the to do list was complete, we were going to get a treat or have dinner or go do that fun thing we’d been promised before all the hard work (of napping).

The truck in this picture is a photo of one of my dads old Dodge Ram Trucks. When Nate and I went to visit him recently, Nate was able to get some amazing photos, including this one. The hood ornament still in tact, this photo captures in an image the long life of a hard working Dodge Ram Truck.

A digital print of this truck photo is available at our Etsy site here.

Β© Emily Flanner and Nate Flanner, Studio Nate 2018


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