The Otto E. Eckert Power Station Smokestacks on a Foggy Day in Lansing, Michigan

Eckert Plant Smokestack Thumbnail
Otto E. Eckert Power Station in Lansing, MI

A piece of local history, the Otto E. Eckert Power Station in Lansing, MI is living out its last days. Being replaced by a more efficient power solution, the old coal plant is scheduled to go offline in just a couple of years.

Standing at 615 feet tall, each of the three smokestacks have billowed smoke and commanded attention by passersby for decades. Located near the old Lansing Car Assembly Plant and the General Motors Grand River Assembly Plant, the three stacks have towered in the heart of what was once a bustling manufacturing corridor.

As times change, and the environment becomes an increasingly important consideration, new concepts have deemed a coal burning plant obsolete.

Yet they stand – operating for the last years, decorating the cityscape in sun, rain, snow, or fog. A piece of our history.

This photograph was captured by my husband Nate. Waiting to get the perfect day, and then waiting again to get the perfect shot. Overcoming technical difficulties and unpredictable fog, the right moment hit, and this memory was captured.

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