Studio Nate 2018 – A Reflection

It's been an exciting year with the launching of Studio Nate on Etsy. Beginning in November with a successful art and craft sale, Nate and I decided we needed to get online with products and start working toward creating more artistic pieces. For me, it's more of a hobby to create pieces, but I love … Continue reading Studio Nate 2018 – A Reflection

Successful Pop-Up Show and Sale

SOLD, Autumn Acrylic on Canvas by Nate Flanner Today was a great day for Studio Nate! We had a successful pop-up show and art sale at a local coffee shop. The first time we've tried exactly this, not really knowing what we were getting into, we were pleasantly surprised. Nate is a talented artist - … Continue reading Successful Pop-Up Show and Sale

Arizona Landscape – A Commissioned Piece

Acrylic on canvas by Nate Flanner This is the latest commissioned piece created by my talented husband. Nate was asked to complete a landscape painting that captured the desert plants from the customers recent trip to Arizona. Full disclosure - the customer in this case happens to be my parents! (No pressure to an artist … Continue reading Arizona Landscape – A Commissioned Piece

New Item from Studio Nate: Wearable Prints

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Tee Shirt with Original Art Print by Nate #clothing #shirt #shortsleeve #artonclothes #originalartontee #teeshirtwithart #originalprintshirt #teeshirt #originalart #wearableart

LOVE Tractor: A Photograph Full of Michigan History

Photograph of Love Tractor by Nate Flanner The Love Tractor history began in the 1930's in Benton Harbor Michigan. While trying to solve a work problem, a young Jabez Love of Benton Harbor, Michigan used a Model B Ford motor and truck transmission to create what he would call a Love "Tructor" to get the … Continue reading LOVE Tractor: A Photograph Full of Michigan History

The Latest Photo from Studio Nate on Etsy

Photograph taken by Nate Flanner at the 2018 Greater Lansing Orchid Society Show. SOLD! Gorgeous orchid print on a 4x6 magnet. More available and more prints to choose from. Thank you for your interest in Studio Nate! ยฉ Copyright 2018 Emily Flanner and Nate Flanner, Studio Nate

Lady Slipper Orchid, a Haiku

Photograph of Lady Slipper Orchid, 2018 Greater Lansing Orchid Society Show Lady slipper bloom Exotic and beautiful She flowers alone -Emily Flanner ************************************************************************ This lady slipper orchid photograph was taken by Nate at the 2018 Greater Lansing Orchid Society Show held at Michigan State University. A digital print of this photograph is available for purchase … Continue reading Lady Slipper Orchid, a Haiku

Wizard Acrylic on Canvas – A Commissioned Piece

Today we are talking to my hubby, Nate, about creating a custom art piece. With this canvas, I spent a lot of time photographing and taking short videos of Nate's process to share. Since I had a ton of questions along the way, I decided to give him an interview about the process so everyone … Continue reading Wizard Acrylic on Canvas – A Commissioned Piece

My Dad Drives a Dodge Ram Truck

Dodge Ram Truck Grill Running Errands with Dad Revving diesel engine barreling down old two lane highways Warmth of the cabin drifting us off into a safe deep doze Unsure of our destination simply enjoying the ride Halted waking eyes opening but only briefly Keep sleeping Dad will be right back A cat nap of … Continue reading My Dad Drives a Dodge Ram Truck